All You Need to Know About Orange Pith (Nutrition, Benefits, and Peel)

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Complete Information About Orange Pith

In the transition period, vitamin C is needed much more to boost the immune system. Vitamin C can be obtained by consuming fruits such as oranges. Most people love oranges since they are considered as a cheap and easy-to find fruit. The main benefit of oranges is as body immune booster; oranges are good to combat infection, flu, and free-radicals.  The antioxidants content in oranges are able to prevent the formation of free radicals which lead to cancer.

Overall, oranges give us many undeniable health benefits only some people know; reduce the risk of respiratory diseases, certain cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcers and kidney stones. However, people have been questioning the benefits of orange pith most of the time.

They tend to remove it while eating an orange. Because of its bland or sometimes bitter taste, people prefer eating the flesh without the pith. Inside an orange, the pith has a function to protect the flesh or what so-called as albedo. Many people consider it as useless part of an orange they need to throw away. Nevertheless, recent studies show the opposite.

Orange Pith Nutrition and Benefits

Orange Pith Cookcan

Orange pith is the white papery membrane between the peel and the fruit in oranges. The amount of vitamin C content in orange pith has exactly the same as it is in orange flesh. In the other word, people will gain more vitamin C if only they consume the orange pith as well.

Vitamin C

A nutritionist in San Diego, California, Laura Flores said that vitamin C in oranges is associated with the decrease of colon cancer risk since it prevents DNA mutation from taking over. For beauty, vitamin C has an important role in producing collagen to help our skin healthy and in a good texture. It can be said that vitamin C helps protect our skin from pollution and sunshine which lead to aging process. Vitamin C is also good for you to keep in shape; no more obesity as your nightmare.

Antioxidant Agent

Oranges are a source of flavonoid yet the highest level of flavonoid is in the pith. Flavonoid is one of powerful antioxidant subtances that function to protect body cells against free radicals which can trigger cancer. Flavonoid content in orange pith help boost body immune system and work as anti inflamation and anti microbial. There are two types of flavonoid in oranges; naringen and hesperidin. Naringen works to decrease blood sugar leap so it is suggested for diabetics to consume oranges without removing the pith. Moreover, hesperidin functions to help lower high blood-pressure and cholesterol.


Oranges are also reported as a fiber source so removing the pith may reduce the amount of fiber.  Removing the orange pith is same as removing 30% fiber content of an orange. Pectin is also found in orange pith that helps people cure diarrhea and control blood cholesterol levels. Pectin works to bind excessive cholesterol and triglycerides. Moreover, pectin helps improve digestive system which prevents constipation.

Orange Pith Peel

Orange Pith Cookcan

No matter how much information you have been told about the good things of consuming orange pith, you may still feel uncomfortable in a way you consume oranges without removing the pith. It may seem simple for you to peel off an orange yet some people are getting their last nerve while doing this simply because the peel leaves sticky sensation on our hands.

Once you are peeling an orange off, there are two possible problems you will meet; the outer peel and the pith. Therefore, people today might be wondering how to peel an orange without leaving the pith. There is actually a unique method that is worth a try. The first thing you have to do while peeling off an orange is boiling it initially or putting it in hot water for a while. Therefore, it will be easier for you to peel the orange off as well as the pith at the same time.

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