List of High Fiber Foods for Toddlers and Children (Picky Toddlers, Constipation, Snacks, and Diet)

Fiber Foods for Toddlers Cookcan

Complete List of High Fiber Foods for Toddlers and Children

Every mom’s first world problem is how to prepare meals for their children that not only delicate but also meet the nutrient needs. Children are included in a group that is susceptible to constipation problems. So that’s why high fiber foods are necessary for them.

Based on nutrient adequacy ratio, children between ages 1 and 18 should eat 14 to 31 grams of fiber per day, depending on their age and sex. Foods with high fiber usually offer a lot of good things for growing children, such as:

  • Help the digestion process
  • Prevent constipations
  • Decrease the risk of diabetes in children

High Fiber Diet Foods for Toddlers

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One of the problems that worries many moms today is the increasing trend of junk foods and high of sugar drinks sold in store. This also increase the number of child with obesity that may lead to a high risk of diabetes from a young age. Consequently, moms should be more creative to prepare healthy meals and fit the child’s food preferences. One things that should not forget is the needs of fiber that mostly comes from consuming vegetables. However, vegetable is one of those things that child hate the most. This is some of foods that high of fiber but also might fit the child’s preference.

  1. Oatmeal: Oatmeal mix with fresh milk or maple syrup can be a comfort food for child. Sweet but full of fiber.
  2. Whole-grain bread: Bread is popular among the child. You can make a whole-grain bread with a peanut butter or jelly sandwich for weekend lunchtimes and your child will be ecstatic.
  3. Whole-grain pasta: Your child get bored easily with foods? You can try make a homemade macaroni using whole-grain pasta. Whole-grain pasta is a high fiber food that contain 2 grams of fiber per ½ cup. Add some meats and veggies for protein so that the nutrient needs are fulfilled.

High Fiber Foods and Snacks For Picky Toddlers With Constipation

High Fiber Foods and Snacks For Picky Toddlers Cookcan

Most of children is not get enough fiber especially for those who are already in school. They prefer to buy snack and other meals than bring their own lunch box. It is more difficult if your child is a picky eater. They tend to choose meals like hamburger, French fries, donuts and others that are high in calories, from sugar to fat with little dietary fiber and other important forms of nutritional value.

The consequence is they tend to have a constipation because those foods are difficult to digest. If you’re looking a natural way to fight your child constipation, fiber is the answer. These are some kid-friendly foods for your child snack in their leisure time.

  1. Banana: This high fiber fruit is easy to be liked by child, even those who are not really into fruit because of its sweetness and easy to digest.
  2. Apple: Apple can be a daily snack, not only high fiber but also full of other nutrients.
  3. Pear:  Pears are high in fiber but also have sweet flavor, that’s why children definitely will like it. Apart from being a sources of fiber, the fruit is also full of Vitamin C
  4. Dried Nuts: Nuts will be easy to grab your child attention because it is savory. Raisins, almonds, dried figs have them at snack time or add them to cereal at breakfast. A quarter-cup serving of almonds contains about 3 grams of fiber.
  5. Popcorn: Do you know that three cups of popped popcorn contains 2 grams of fiber? We are sure there is no one who will turn down it. But please keep in mind to cut the butter and cheese and make it simple and plain.

We hope some tips and list of foods above help your kid to get rid of constipation. It may seem difficult in the beginning, but Moms should be strong. The long term benefits will get rid of all the discomfort you or your kids may feel, weaning off unhealthy foods and shifting to fiber rich nutrition. The most important hopefully it can change their lifestyle healthier in order to decrease the risk of disease in the future. 

That’s All About Quick and Easy Healthy Vegan Dinner Ideas Recipes. I hope you get more information about all the easy cooking recipes that you can make at home. There is a lot more information about it in Cookcan. So, don’t miss it! If you have some questions or want to add additional information please put the comment below.


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