Best Way and How to Cook Sausage on the Stove also in a Pan (Raw, Chicken and Deer)

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How to Cook Sausage on the Stove also in a Pan

Sausages are usually made from minced meat such as pork, lamb, or beef. In order to make it more flavorful and to preserve the meat, it is necessary to add salt. To bind the ingredients together, rusk is sometimes used. For meat-eaters, sausage is outstanding for its character for being versatile, hearty, and unique. There are many varieties of sausage that can make you overwhelmed by the best method for the best result. It can be said that cooking sausage is tricky until we can find the proper way.

There are at least three ways of cooking sausage; in the oven, on the grill, and in a pan.  This time, we only put more emphasis on cooking sausage on the stove using a pan and a skillet because cooking on the stove can be more accessible for our daily meals.  As it has been mentioned in the beginning, cooking sausage can be tricky even when you are using a daily cooking method which is on the stove.  Sausage can be easily dried out and cooking it over high heat leads to a charred outside and a partially raw inside.  

Easiest Way Cooking Sausage in a Pan

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In order to get sausage that is crispy outside and cooked through inside, there will be two steps for you to take that will begin with water and finish in a pan.  In a large pan, fill some water and add the sausages. Cook over medium-high heat in about six to eight minutes or simply until the water begins to simmer then remove the sausages from the pan. 

In this process, the sausages may look dull that is why you need to fry them in a pan so they will get crispy and brownish. Add some oil onto your pan before frying.  Over high heat, let the oil heat and let it simmer then add the sausages. You can leave them whole, slice them half or cut into medallions. Since the sausages are already cooked, it is unnecessary to pan-fry them long. What you need to do is only to sear them in one or two minutes and remove them right away from the pan so they will not be drying out.

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