Comparison Among Quinoa VS White and Brown Rice VS Pasta For Body and Diabetics


General Information About Quinoa and Comparison Among Quinoa VS White and Brown Rice VS Pasta

People these days are becoming more aware of healthy lifestyle. In order to support the healthy trend, lots of products appear and are claimed as healthy ones. One of those is quinoa. What is quinoa? Quinoa (chenopodium quinoa) is derived from Spanish which is originated from Peru, South America and known as the main food of The Inca.

Quinoa is also believed as sacred food called chisaya mama that means the root of all seeds. Peru, Bolivia and US are today’s main quinoa-producing countries. There are some types of Quinoa; white/ivory, red/purple, brown/black. Quinoa is being popular for diabetics and those to lose weight.  

Is Quinoa Better than White And Brown Rice?

White rice is consumed worldwide and the most common food over the world. White Rice is gluten-free yet it takes several long procedures; germ, bran, and husk cleaning to brighten the color and extend the quality that lessen the nutrition and increase the glycemic index. People may add artificial substance for maintaining the nutrition yet the level is still insufficient. 100 gram of white rice contains 130 calories and it is suggested not to consume much white rice when having diet program.

For diabetics, since white rice has high glycemic index, quinoa can be the alternative.  Similar from white rice, brown rice has to pass through some cleaning procedures. However, the concentration of bran and husk is not really removed so that the quality of brown rice does not last that long compared with white rice.

Fortunately, brown rice contains more nutrition such as mineral and vitamin A,B, thiamin, calcium, selenium, and magnesium which results in better taste. Similarly, quinoa is reported to have what brown rice does. However, people may be overwhelmed to choose between these two since people are more familiar with brown rice.

Is Quinoa Healthier Than Pasta?

Most of the time, people notice that pasta has low nutrition and high fat. Even though experts barely suggest pasta for diet, it contains various hidden benefits for body. Pasta has lower calories compared with white rice. Moreover, fiber is found more in pasta than white rice so it is suggested for people to lose weight to pick pasta over white rice.

Compared with quinoa, pasta does not have as complete vitamins and minerals. For diabetics and those who lose weight, quinoa can be a better option over pasta. Yet, both quinoa and pasta have to be consumed under doctor’s supervision. Quinoa is still a new thing experts are working on today so there are some steps to follow when serving quinoa for diabetics and successful diet program.

Nevertheless, you may add pasta on your diet list since updated research has found that pasta has nothing to do with gaining weight. Diabetics may feel surprised too knowing that pasta can be an option for your diet menu when best served.

To sum up, quinoa can be the best option for both diabetics and people who lose weight. However, doctor’s supervision may be needed for getting to know how quinoa can be served for best result. If you doubt the benefits and nutrition quinoa owns, brown rice can always be solution for your diet program.



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